Re: [rumori] Re: Questions for Music Makers & Sound Artists

H. Figurine (
Sun, 19 Dec 1999 00:46:11 -0500

I kinda missed this thread but...

I also play in a normal rock band, (no sampled material) and we have been
approached several times by indy labels and 2 big name label reps over the
past 5 years. We've always passed due to alot of issues. They expect too
much with very little return to the band. They all insist on a 4 year/ 3 cd
contract. We can do most everything besides worldwide distribution/,
promotion ourselves. The big name labels wanted to own all 3 of our earlier
cd's meaning they would get royalties on all future sales. I could go on
forever but I'll spare you :)
We would consider an indie label deal, but not under any the terms we've
seen thus far.
Never a big name label! As for the RATM question, nope. They prolly wouldn't
play with us based on our name...Machine Gun Kelly. :)


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