Re: [rumori] Re: Questions for Music Makers & Sound Artists

Anki Toner (
Sun, 19 Dec 1999 11:02:26 +0000

> >Questions for all those on the list who are music makers and sound
> >artists:
> >Q: If Sony offered you a contract to distribute and promote your last
> >album/tape/CD-R as-is, no changes to the recording, would you take it?
> >Q: If they offered to pay for your next one, would you take the money?
> >Q: Would you double-bill with Rage Against The Machine?

As I see it (& this is what I meant when I talked about not letting
money influence my work):

1) Would Sony accept my conditions?
2) Why would Sony want to give me money under these conditions?
3) Would my audience want to see the RATMs?

Oh I can live without Sony, though I may buy a record or two from them

Anki Toner

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