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Jason J. Tar (tarjasonATpilot.msu.edu)
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 12:53:50 -0500

At 05:08 PM 12/18/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Many of us agree on some common basic points (e.g. "sampling
>is fun") but some don't go as far as others on some other more extreme
>points (e.g. the fight for the freedom to sample is part of the fight
>against late capital).

Perhaps Steev, you could educate me (and some others) on these points. How
is the fight for sampling the fight against capital? I'm a bit confused
here. [And why do I want to fight against capital? What is "late
capital"? I'm a little lost, pardon my non-knowledge in these areas.]

I guess personally, I'm here for the former. "Sampling is fun". And if
I'm going to have fun sampling and what-not, then I really don't have room
to complain when others do. Even if their name is "Sony". So be it.
Heck, get them in the game and having fun, and perhaps you'll have a lot of
might on your side in the fight against copyright? Hmmm....

Reading many responses, it seems that many sided with UR simply because the
other party was Sony. This seems wrong to me. The issues need to be
discussed, the identities disregarded.
For instance:
>You or I or Dirk Dreyer can do a cover song as a tribute any day of the
>week. Just because he wanted to record a tribute doesn't mean that he had to
>release it on SONY RECORDS. Most of the appropriation artists that I know of
>from this list don't have records on the shelves of every Wherehouse and Sam
>Goody in town. To me there's a big difference between ripping someone off
>then selling it personally over the internet and ripping someone off, having
>it mass produced by a multinational conglomerate, and drowning out the sales
>of the original. (Although I would imagine that it was only released in

Where does the cut off occur? Does someone like ECC/ People Like Us/ VVm/
Negativland/ BranFlakes/ Etc have to quit sampling once they start selling
100 copies? 200? 1000? Where? Arguments like this allow for a slippery
slope of uncertainty. Best just to argue for the absolute right to sample,
and leave it at that.
[And again, anyone who really thinks that UR's vinyl sales would have
slumped given Sony's compilation really needs to rethink things. That
argument is weak at best, non-existant in reality.]


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