Re: [rumori] Detritus Cause.

matt davignon (
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 20:51:01 PST

>Reading many responses, it seems that many sided with UR simply >>because
>the other party was Sony. This seems wrong to me. The >issues need to be
>discussed, the identities disregarded.
>For instance:
> >You or I or Dirk Dreyer can do a cover song as a tribute any day of >the
>week. Just because he wanted to record a tribute doesn't mean >that he had
>to release it on SONY RECORDS. Most of the appropriation >artists that I
>know offrom this list don't have records on the >shelves of every
>Wherehouse and Sam Goody in town.
Well, those were my comments. I guess it's wrong for me to always take the
side against the major label. This particular instance just seems so wrong
to me. Is it because the "cover" has the marketing power behind it to
completely overshadow the original? That's a big part of it for me,
imagining that someone would find 'cover' version first, then wonder why
these underground 'UR' guys are ripping off the sony track.
Is it because the cover version sounds exactly like every other generic
techno remix to me? If Will Smith did a cover of the song without
permission, causing UR to seem a lot less "underground", and thus causing
them to lose a lot of their fans, would it be wrong then? (Not only is this
an issue of him being Will Smith, but of his 'covers' being so darn

I'm not always against the idea of major labels being able to sample 'little
guys' without permission. I actually like how the Orb sampled the Tape
Beatles (hi guys) in the "U.F. Orb" CD. I thought that well done. It pissed
me off though to find that the intro on the Orb album "Live 93" (what I once
thought to be the Orb improvising from scratch) was actually unaltered Tape
Beatles. Occasionally I'll admit that certain instances of little guys
ripping off major label artists that don't seem to fit with me.

Here comes the rash unfair generalization that helps me sleep at night: When
I see major record labels ripping someone off (paid samples or not), I
usually think that the reason is to sell more records and to make money.
When I see a particular musician ripping someone off, it's usually they feel

Matt Davignon

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