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Thu, 13 Jan 2000 17:19:12 -0800 (PST)

for those of you who havent seen this already, here's interesting news
from John Oswald....

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From: Ray Brain <pitchATio.org>

7:55 December 31st 1999

message from mLab

Hi everyone.

We do receive a selection of the Plunderphonia mail list posts here at
mLab, the home of plunderphonics, through the diligence of Phil Strong
maintains the Oswaldian Space web site, which continues to be located at


Or, there is an extreme short cut to get there. Just type


in your browser's address strip and return.

We occasionally post current events on the Recent page (under the "R"),
and there's a little description of johnoswald's (he's recently been
writing his name in e-compressed form) new plunderphonic on Glenn Gould
which is entitled "A Disembodied Voice" or "The Idea of This", depending
who you ask.

There have been some specific questions on the Plunderphonia list for
we have simple answers.

 .From: Tyler Hewitt <tahewittATyahoo.com>
 .Isn't John Oswald a music professor at York University in Toronto?
 .If I were trying to contact him I would probably start there.

He did lecture at York University for a couple of years in the early
nineties and then quit, and since then he has not been affiliated with
The best way to contact him is still by the old postal service:

box 7
station P
Toronto Canada
M5S 2S6

 .From: Mitch <issATdentalassisting.com>
 .Now that Mystery Labs is making a point of not telling how to obtain
 .anymore I'm in a pickle.
 .I'd like to get Drums to complete my collection....what to do?
 .Any Ideas?

DRUMS is indeed not currently available from Mystery Lab.
But it is featured in the Larry Dubin layer of the Mirror track on the
Plunderphonic, which is, as everyone on this list should know, available

from at least a couple of on-line locations.
There have been two different flipsides on the various versions of
The most recent is an extended version of the rhythm trio (i.e., minus
Steve Lacy) from Mirror.
None of this information constitutes blabbing secrets about a Mystery
Only those tapes which have an X in their title are strictly Mystery

There have been a few ideas, since the closing down of the Mystery Tape
International mail order service years ago, to make the X tapes
in some other form, but this project is fairly far down the list of
proposed activities, and, again, DRUMS is not an X tape.

Mystery Lab officially encourages the not-for-profit exchange of its
releases. If you can't get in from us we hope you can get it from

 From: Steev Hise <steevATdetritus.net>
 why is everyone so obsessed with the "real"? there is no original,
 you think about it. as oswald himself said, each digital copy is a
 of the master, in a sense it IS the master. And the AIFF files on the
 plunderphonic site are digitally identical to that. I offer the mp3s
 Detritus because the AIFFs are already available, and the mp3s are
 easier to download, and hardly anyone can really
 hear the difference.
 if you've seen an "actual" copy, you know that the packaging isnt even
 that special. the cover image of michael jackson is a color xerox. he
 probably paid some guys at kinko's (or the toronto equivalent) to put
 booklet together.

The kinko's chain has a presence here in Toronto too Steev. But the
original set of approximately 1000 nude Michelle Jackos were
colour-photocopied from a photo of the original collage (by johnoswald)
tapeBeatle Lloyd Dunn who was at the time working in a copy shop in
and imported back to Canada for the final assembly. These colour copy
sheets were inserted with the 20-page black and white booklet that came
with the disc. Some of them (at least a couple of hundred) were
along with the discs that the CRIA crushed.
The analog nature of the colour cover has caused some problems of
interpretation with viewers of copies of copies of copies. One guy said
that it is a photo of Michael in bloodstained panties! But as Steev
out, each digital audio copy is a virtual clone of the master.
The one minor thing (if you want to pick hairs, which is a johnoswald
tendency) that is not established in copies of the disc made from sites
like detritus, where each track is a separate file, is the amount of
between each track, so it is difficult, without an original disc to
to, to make a reasonably exact copy of the original. Oswald tends to
a lot with sequencing and the rhythmic relationship of the end of one
and the beginning of the next.
One thing that happens often is that track 1 (BEATLES) gets separated
track 2 (DAB).
DAB is segued from track 1 to track 2, so that if you have track 2
separately, it is missing the intro to DAB.

One of the reasons we're mentioning this is that there has been an
interesting plan afoot to rerelease some plunderphonic materials.
Originally the idea was to rerelease the original plunderphonic CD, but
that seemed unnecessary, because it is readily available in some form or

other. So johnoswald has assembled an historical retrospective of
approximately five dozen plunderphonic tracks from 1969 to 1996, which
includes versions of all the tracks from the plunderphonic CD, the
CD, some songs from Plexure v.2, plus other tracks.
The plunderphonic CD is not strictly represented because all the tracks
have been re-mastered, re-sequenced, fine-tuned, and in some cases
re-edited; and in other cases replaced by alternate versions.
The plan entails the obtaining of licenses from all the credited
appropriated sources. We had someone working for several months this
year chasing down the licensees, until the task drove her crazy, but the

major groundwork has been done. This process has been interesting, but
far not everyone has agreed to be licensed. The licensing process itself

would make an interesting story, but in many cases the license-holders
not negotiate unless communications are kept confidential. We've
price quotes which have been copyrighted!
Partly because of these licensing delays we missed our original release
deadline which was October 31st, which was the tenth anniversary of the
release of the original CD. When everything gets ironed out we will
announce more details, including a release date and how the package will

- Ray Brain
  mLab PR

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