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The Evolution Control Committee (
Sun, 16 Jan 2000 09:16:04 -0500

     Catching up on ancient email...

At 05:22 AM 12/19/99 +0000, you wrote:
>With all the talk of Prince's "1999" here is a country cover in real

     Yeah! I'd seen that before; amusing. You'll have to hear our polka
version... hell, I gotta get you one of these in the mail. For that matter,
I've gotta get you to get me a lot of stuff in the mail -- I was looking at
the your new domain and I see that there's a whole mess of tapes I don't
have! Can I send you a mess of my stuff that you don't have as a trade? I
should probably find out just what you do have first tho. From you I only
have the "Won't Somebody Play" CD and the Cardboard Flava tape, which I
continue to be amazed by.
     By the way, I'm starting to do a radio show too...! There's a pirate
station going here and I'm generally doing Wednesday nights on it. Pretty
fun! But I've done radio shows many times before. I'm trying to start
archiving these and making them available online and even broadcasting them
as I'm prerecording them. Hopefully once I figure out the new web site I'll
have a broadcasts page.
     Yer site looks quite nice by the way! Well put together... I could
learn some things from yer clever mirror image rollover buttons...

     From your other message:
>Now, in case anyone thinks, "well, you might change your mind if Sony
>actually did approach you".
>Well, we (the bran flakes) have been approached (not by Sony, but by a big
>indie label in 1996) and we did say no.

     Details! Must know more about that one...

> >Q: Would you double-bill with Rage Against The Machine?
>I'd rather play on the street corner with this kid I know that plays live
>with a broken down 1975 handheld cassette player, synsonic drums, a muppets
>brand kids keyboard, and he sings like wild man fisher circa 1969.

     This sounds suspicious like one of my other bands, The Weird Love
Makers. We just did a show tonight. Greg plays thrift store turntables with
cheap cassette decks and a Casio SK-5. That's it. And he's AMAZING.

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