Re: [rumori] Wow! My first cease & desist!

kevin leeeeee (
Sun, 23 Jan 2000 23:54:21 -0800 (PST)

just a question (please regard this as a devil's advocate speaking):

might it be in ECC's best interest to NOT publicize the situation for fear
of other people (like the AC/DC labels' lawyers not to mention prince's
label's and public enemy's and herb alpert's and so on and so forth) to
threaten even MORE legal actions?????

publicity is usually a good thing. especially to draw attention to the
real issues. but i just wonder if this is something to worry about?

i mean, i wouldn't fault anyone for keeping quiet because the whole
creation and distribution of appropriative art such as ECC's is dependent
upon working "under the radar", no? and if you can't afford to fight the
legal battle then working this way makes perfect sense.

is it cynical or practical to think that until someone has the actual bucks
to back up their fair use rights in court with the whole world watching,
that getting media attention and sympathy and public outcry, etc. on your
side... is kind of futile? how many cases like these would have to be
publicized until all media giants decide it's a big fucking waste of their
time and money and just turn their backs as they should? we've seen some
rather public cases already but has that stopped CBS from playing "anti-art
corporate evil bad guys"? apparently not.

sorry to play devil's advocate, but i just wanted to air this issue out
even though i'm totally behind you, mark, whatever actions you decide to
take to defend your right to Free Speech and Fair Use. let me know how i
can help.

in fact, i wonder if it's just a big bluff...?

fight the powers that be.


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