Re: [rumori] Rocked By Rape Update...

illegal art (
Tue, 25 Jan 2000 12:41:32 +0900

> But perhaps the real tragedy here is beyond your mere allegations --
>it is the fact that we literally will probably never see our day in court
>over this and the chance to defend ourselves and our work. I firmly believe
>that we have broken no laws in the music we've done, but to defend this
>belief in a court of law is impossible because your deep corporate pockets
>would simply drown us before we got before the judge. Seeing corporations
>stampede towards the almighty dollar while individual rights get crushed
>underfoot is what truly makes my blood boil.

i think i would have avoided this part. you should act as though you have
all kinds of support. call their bluff. if they believe that either you
have the resources to fight this or that you're going to fight this even if
you don't really have the resources they might decide it's not worth their
time and money. don't take their letter or their deadlines seriously.
until they have an actual court order they're just trying to scare you.
you don't even have to write them back!

but you might write them again and say something like this (whether it is
true or not)...

"Since I last wrote various individuals and organizations have promised to
support us in this matter. We are currently seeking the counsel of
intellectual property lawyers that are being provided for us. It looks as
though we may actually see our day in court."

be very brief. don't be emotional. maybe give them reasons why it's not
worth their time. do they realize how small of an audience this thing
reaches? do they realize that whatever audience it might reach has
probably already been reached? also you might consider looking for recent
cases that might be similar.

then just wait and see what happens. if they keep sending letters... you
really don't have to worry. if they send a court order then you have to


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