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Mr. Saturnine (
Mon, 24 Jan 2000 22:08:16 -0600 wrote:

> Hey Mark,
> Truly sorry to hear about the trouble with your record - one of your finest.
> I know you've said you won't fight it, and were I in your position - I know I
> wouldn't have a clue what to do either, but consider one thing before
> abandoning your search for those who might be able to help. Steev told me
> once that what we're all waiting for is some kind of a legitimate legal
> precedent and this would seem to have a lot of potential.
> The "Rocked By Rape" piece is clearly defendable. Some of the work in this
> genre would be hard to defend legally, despite the fact we believe it should
> be. Your piece is obviously criticism and/or parody and seems to have a much
> better chance of being victorious in court - and such a precedent would be
> disastrous to those whose job it is to enforce copyright.
> Just thought I'd put in my two cents. I imagine you've already given this a
> lot of thought. In addition to all this, I know you asked us not to forward
> that email to anyone, and I haven't, but I'm assuming you wouldn't mind us
> talking about this? I played the track in question on my internet show last
> night, but did not give any info about it. I wanted to make sure what your
> thoughts were before doing any talking.
> good luck,
> nelson

oh well, even if you _don't_ fight it, when you _do_ go public, you can almost
guarantee that rtmark and other artroublemakers will, at the very least stir up
a healthy amount of (more*) negative press for CBS and likely inspire quite a
few more Dan Ratherized works. Hmm.... that's something- If someone really
wanted to try and set a precedent using Danny boy without offering up ECC/Rocked
by Rape as a martyr (*cough* Illegal Art *cough*) they could simply commission a
bunch of CBS/Dan Rather-themed pieces and release a provocatively titled
compilation album.

* If I recall correctly, CBS was recently reprimanded by media watch dogs for
digitally inserting CBS logos into its newscasts.

Mr. Saturnine

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