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Steev Hise (
Fri, 18 Feb 2000 08:40:38 -0800 (PST)

this is the most interesting thing about the mail to Nicola from Rod of

"The bottom
line: art does not necessarily justify a taking of something that you do
not own."

Good of Rod to boil it down for us. But oddly enough, for someone in his
position, that really is the bottom line.

The problem is, some people (I would assume many on this list) simply
don't agree. That's the first argument: Art (at least with a capital A)
DOES **NECCESARILY** justify sampling, even "uncleared" sampling.

The other problem is the second half of the sentence. Some people will
argue that we all own what we hear, what we are all bombarded with by the
media. It's out there, it's public property. I'm taking it, especially
if it will allow me to comment on the situation I see it representing.

But, to be fair and realistic, is just covering its ass, as Ron
alludes to. They might even agree with you artistically, and they may love
to listen to bands like Negativland (and love even more to sell their CDs!
;-) ). But, they live in the world of commerce, not art, and the
litigation danger is there. Hell, they're being sued right now by the
RIAA, right? So, you can't really expect a company like them to do the
right thing artistically.

Finally, to be a bit off topic - i just love how he calls himself
"Director of Musicology". And he has some "Staff Musicologists" working
for him. That is just hilarious! Why not just be honest and say
"Director of Product"? Or maybe "Director of Raw Materials"...

Afterall, the only thing the company is about is MINING. Harvesting raw
materials - the artists' work. And they don't need to even go to much
effort to do it. It's as if I ran a mining company but i didn't need to
dig at all - the gold is jumping right out of the ground and into my

Anyway, thanx for sharing your recent dialogue with this particular
mining company, Nicola.

Steev Hise, Director of Plunderphonology and Webology and Miscelleneyology
"Now the realization that nothing threatens the system has freed
 advertising to exploit even the most marginal elements of society."
                 -Leslie Savan

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