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Anki Toner (
Wed, 23 Feb 2000 20:07:30 +0000

Nicola Battista wrote:
> this is what I received (weeks after my original mail, and after
> complaining to Michael Robertson himself) from Rod Underhill of
> Basically we had 2 problems: a friend of mine whose name is already used by
> someone else on (we were trying to find a reasonable solution but
> the other artist doesn't reply to emails and cotinues being very
> evasive on this subject)

One of the issues about appropiation is the identity issue. Plagiarists
know it well. Since you are italian you should be aware of the Luther
Blisset, Karen Elliott, Monty Cantsin multiple identity thread. So what
if somebody uses your name? Are you still trapped in the XVIth-to-XIXth
century conception of the artist as a genius? Or has your name any
commercial value that you want to protect? Let anybody be DJ Batman if
they want to. You want to be Anki Toner? Just try!

Have you read Karen Elliott "No More Masterpieces Manifesto"? (It's
somewhere on the net. Someone even sent the URL to this list last time I
mentioned it. I recommend it again).

> >Regarding the issue of duplicate band names:
> >
> >As you know, our system only recognizes one unique band name. The issue of
> >more than one band having the same name is one of the most common legal
> >problems that affects the music business. Historically, this has only been
> >a problem for the most part when one band becomes signed to a label or
> >otherwise becomes famous. But because of the more or less recent explosion
> >of music on the Internet bands that share the same name are becoming more
> >and more aware of each other. This is causing some problems, of course.
> >

This is not causing some problems, this is rather avoiding some

> art does not necessarily justify a taking of something that you do
> >not own.
> >

Steev wrote:

> It's out there, it's public domain.

Nicely said, Steev!

Anki Toner
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