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Nicola Battista (
Thu, 24 Feb 2000 10:03:17 +0100

>One of the issues about appropiation is the identity issue. Plagiarists
>know it well. Since you are italian you should be aware of the Luther
>Blisset, Karen Elliott, Monty Cantsin multiple identity thread.

of course...
to show just a couple of related things... ;))))

>So what
>if somebody uses your name? Are you still trapped in the XVIth-to-XIXth
>century conception of the artist as a genius?


>Or has your name any
>commercial value that you want to protect?

oh yea, of course (too bad it's DC Comics' commercial value) ;))))

>Let anybody be DJ Batman if
>they want to.

well, there is a Dj Batman in Baltimore and he -argh- owns ;)))
But actually I wasn't talking of me.
I don't care, and I'm not interested in (btw I could buy, .org, .it, .cx or whatever if I wanted...)
I was taking of my friend Shadrach, who makes electronic music in the style
of Chemical Brothers, Bentley Rhythm Ace etc. (now partially owned by Madonna and the "Big 5" major labels...)
listed another "Shadrach" from US in their listings and never considered
putting a link to "our" Shadrach. Then one day they noticed my friend's
tracks and -believing there was only one Shadrach- listed them crediting
them to the US guy.
Now, we've talked to the US Shadrach who is a very nice person (Geoffrey
Lessel, also having most of his stuff on under his true name).
Geoffrey told us that he already wanterd to renounce to that Shadrach name
because he wanted to put the only Shadrach track he did under his Geoffrey
Lessel page.
By the way, my friend wasn't happy of what happened. Also, the confusion
was even worse because both artists had the same cultural references
(chemical beats style, electronica...).
Anyway, I don't think the update is already online but after several mails
to people and they finally are helping us separate the
two Shadrach's and will remove the US one when Geoffrey takes away that track.
In all this we were not threatening anyone nor trying to steal or register
a name: Shadrach is a jewish (biblical) name, used also in the past as a
Beastie Boys song title (that was the inspiration for my friend:)))).
Of course, you may like that there are 1000's Anki Toners out there... but
at the same time I want to respect someone who wouldn't...

>Have you read Karen Elliott "No More Masterpieces Manifesto"? (It's
>somewhere on the net. Someone even sent the URL to this list last time I
>mentioned it. I recommend it again).

uhm, nope, don't think so... I will have to find it.
Karen Eliot if I'm not wrong originated in UK, by Stewart Home or someone
close to him?

>> >As you know, our system only recognizes one unique band name. The issue of
>> >more than one band having the same name is one of the most common legal
>> >problems that affects the music business. Historically, this has only been
>> >a problem for the most part when one band becomes signed to a label or
>> >otherwise becomes famous. But because of the more or less recent explosion
>> >of music on the Internet bands that share the same name are becoming more
>> >and more aware of each other. This is causing some problems, of course.
>> >
>This is not causing some problems, this is rather avoiding some

another one: a guy I know has an electronic project called Metalbox:

They received last year an email from an US band threatening to sue: the US
band owns
Luckily they haven't done anything yet but this is crap. Two practically
unknown bands litigating in court over something like that??? We never
meant to sue the US Shadrach in first place, just have two separated pages

>>art does not necessarily justify a taking of something that you do
>> >not own.
>> >
>Steev wrote:
>> It's out there, it's public domain.
>Nicely said, Steev!

hahhha :)

p.s. Blissett is now listed in under Novelty and
Plunderphonic... also I've noticed they've put links to Negativland, ECC
and other cool stuff.
The funny fact is that they claim to list legal stuff only. I am happy
seeing that they link to all the KLF/JAMS stuff on Detritus and more cool
s#!t like that ;-D

Nicola (Dj Batman) Battista

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