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Thu, 24 Feb 2000 20:56:53 +0000

Nicola Battista wrote:

> I was taking of my friend Shadrach, who makes electronic music in the style
> of Chemical Brothers, Bentley Rhythm Ace etc.
> (now partially owned by Madonna and the "Big 5" major labels...)
> listed another "Shadrach" from US in their listings and never considered
> putting a link to "our" Shadrach. Then one day they noticed my friend's
> tracks and -believing there was only one Shadrach- listed them crediting
> them to the US guy.
> Now, we've talked to the US Shadrach who is a very nice person (Geoffrey
> Lessel, also having most of his stuff on under his true name).
> Geoffrey told us that he already wanterd to renounce to that Shadrach name
> because he wanted to put the only Shadrach track he did under his Geoffrey
> Lessel page.
> By the way, my friend wasn't happy of what happened. Also, the confusion
> was even worse because both artists had the same cultural references
> (chemical beats style, electronica...).
> Anyway, I don't think the update is already online but after several mails
> to people and they finally are helping us separate the
> two Shadrach's and will remove the US one when Geoffrey takes away that track.
> In all this we were not threatening anyone nor trying to steal or register
> a name: Shadrach is a jewish (biblical) name, used also in the past as a
> Beastie Boys song title (that was the inspiration for my friend:)))).
> Of course, you may like that there are 1000's Anki Toners out there... but
> at the same time I want to respect someone who wouldn't...

In fact I wouldn't like that there were lots of Anki Toners around. My
ex-band was (and still is) called Superelvis. When I first entered
Internet I discovered some people had used that name before (none of
them was a musical act). It can be expected with such a name. Maybe that
can lead to some confusion. Life is full of confusing things. Everyone
should be prepared for confusion.

Which reminds me of something. When Island sued Negativland, the main
legal excuse was the possible confusion created by Negativland's cover.

> >Have you read Karen Elliott "No More Masterpieces Manifesto"? (It's
> >somewhere on the net. Someone even sent the URL to this list last time I
> >mentioned it. I recommend it again).
> uhm, nope, don't think so... I will have to find it.

It's one of my favorite texts.

> Karen Eliot if I'm not wrong originated in UK, by Stewart Home or someone
> close to him?

I am not really sure but it sounds possible.

Anki Toner
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