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Reed Hedges (reedATzerohour.net)
Tue, 28 Mar 2000 15:18:57 -0500

bffft sscccffft... scweeeraffszzzzt...

    incoming transmission..
 ]source sector: deep space
    narrowing source...
 ]source id: zerohour relay module
    narrowing source...
 ]source id: NOC control room
    decoding transmission...
             * *
* * *
       :: z :: e :: r :: o :: h :: o :: u :: r :: *
  * * *
 "wow, we haven't seen anything like this in the past 15 minutes!"
              * *
        * [ http://www.zerohour.net ] *
* * * *

Dear friends,

  I regret to inform you that ZEROHOUR ONLINE MIND CONTROL SERVICE,
accessible on the web at << http://www.zerohour.net >> is now entering its
third generation of existence. Now the site's three current Main Features,
INFO-RELAY, HORIZON and CHAT are improving steadily, and I'm considering
adding in a couple of new features too.


  The info relay, formerly known as zhbbs, is a slashdot-style news board,
but with a broader focus, an integrated chat application, and simple discussion
boards for each article. All members can submit new articles, post discussion,
 and talk in the chat channel. I hope you'll check it out and give some
input of your own.


 Horizon is a digital artwork museum, an outlet and a haven for the creative
side of all of our subversive neophiles out there. It began as a repository
for sharing the products of many hours wasted in the GIMP, but is evolving
into a junction for digital expressions of creativity of all kinds.


  Talk in real-time on the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel, accessible
through the web page or your favorite IRC client (channel #zerohour on
server irc.slashnet.org). Welcome the resident infobot, pocus.


  I have a couple of ideas for new sections, too: information repositories
on a number of subjects, such as artistic software tools, drug and other
chemical information, information tools for operating your government,
parody and other funny things, and some others. But we'd also like to get
some other people involved. If you want to help with any of these things, or
even better, have an idea you want to include in the zerohour network,
get in touch.

]agent k - over and out[

  Reed Hedges, webmaster

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  | fine zerohour service, drop a line to majordomoATzerohour.net, and |
  | say "subscribe newdata" in the body of your email message. |


  This network, this human construct of technology and intellect, has
been opened to us like a great beautiful playground. A total frontier.
We, the nocturnal innocent throng through the gates and begin to explore,
and we begin to build. We can build great landscapes in this blank
slate paradise, works of great beauty and deep meaning.
But it must be claimed for beauty and not for cash. It must be claimed
for truth and progress, for learning and exploration.
For glory through achievement, and not power through greed.
Let now be the zero hour.


"Personal Survival necessitates Cosmic Purpose as a "least hypothesis"
for the universe. Scientists are tending to take teleology away from
theologians and philosophers and give it a shaking. But concrete
results this century seem unlikely. As of now, we still don't know why
we are here or what we are supposed to do -- but for the first time in
history it is scientifically probable that the final answers are not null
answers. It would be interesting indeed if one of the religious faiths
turned out to be correct to nine decimals."

- from "The 3rd Millennium Opens" by Robert A. Heinlein, writing in 1956
  from the imagined perspective of 2001.


zerohour.net is a mind control service run by a tiny segment of a vast
network of secret agents. Our mission here is to disseminate bits and pieces
of a grand social virus still mysterious and unknown even to us.
We receive our orders in vague and distorted messages from what we can
only presume to be our superiors. We attempt to piece them together
and carry them out as best we can. We scramble, reconstruct, and rebroadcast.

zerohour mind control service is a division of unicorp [tm]

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