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Reed Hedges (reedATzerohour.net)
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 15:05:40 -0500

utne reader website announces:

"'Subvertising' Goes Global As Activists Launch Progressive Image-Bank
Online" Subvertise.org
-- A global network of web activists and artists have launched
Subvertise.org, an online image-bank with hundreds of images and
cartoons that anyone can download as part of their own efforts to
lampoon consumer culture and drive home the point that people and the
planet should come before corporate profits.

the press release from their page:

'Subvertising' goes global as activists launch
               anti-capitalist image-bank into cyberspace

       Campaigners are today launching 250+ subversive online images, targeting
       adverts and corporate brands in a global web database against
       consumerism and environmental destruction.

       www.subvertise.org contains hundreds of images and cartoons, all carrying the
       same message - that people and the planet should be put before corporate profits.
       Many graphics are available in high resolution for download, to be reprinted in
       newspapers, magazines and websites across the world.

       Well-known big business brand names are turned into corporate monsters as
       familiar advertising slogans and jingles are subverted into unfamiliar meanings
       which cleverly undermine their original message. A wide spectrum of issues are
       covered, ranging from climate change and transport to racism and genetic

       "Subvertising is the art-form of the post-corporate millennium," says Daphne
       Locke, one of the artists behind the Subvertise.org site. "It is the 'writing on the
       wall', the sticker on the lamppost, the corrected rewording on the billboard and the
       spoof message on the T-shirt - but it is also the mass act of defiance of a street
       protest. The key process involves redefining and reclaiming our environment from
       the corporate beast".

       Created by a global network of artists and campaigners, the site allows anyone to
       upload or download images and designs, which will then be available for viewing
       and use worldwide. Responses from the internet indicate that the site will rapidly
       grow and replicate.

                              Who said what about Subvertise.org?

       " An important and unique collection of clever responses to tyrannical corporate
       nonsense, subvertise.org is the most beautiful database we've ever seen." -
       RTMark, America's most notorious spoof-website design team (see www.gatt.org).

       " A vital tonic against conformist corporate consumerism." - Mark Lynas,
       Coordinator of Corporate Watch, UK (www.corporatewatch.org).

       " Please give us an exclusive? " - Gibby Zobel, News editor, the Big Issue, London,


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