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Steev (steevATdetritus.net)
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 12:46:37 -0800 (PST)

Speaking of advertising, here's something i've been meaning to mention
here for weeks. Has anyone else seen the ads for the Ford Focus? They are
truly creepy and a sign that the idea of "culture jamming" has itself been

Near-to-fullpage ad in paper. Huge, mostly blank with orange background.
At the top, a human torso and arms leans in from one side, holding a TV
screen in front of its head. Printed on the screen are the words:

  "All your life, you've
  been manipulated
  by advertising.

  Tonite, it's payback time."

yow. ok, if that doesnt send tingles down your spine, scan down the page,
some text at the bottom, along with a tiny tiny picture of the car (who
cares what this is really advertising anyway, right?):

"FOCUS INTERACTIVE TV lets you mess with the medium that's messed with
you. You've already picked our cast, our car and it's location. But
tonight starting at 8/7c during our commercial in "Two Guys and a Girl" on
ABC, the serious interactivity starts. You could tell us anything: what
the cast of our commercials will wear, where they go, even what they say
next. Just log on to focus247.com and follow directions. That'll give us
about 20 minutes to sift through thousands of suggestions and get the next
commercial on the air, live. Every time you play, we get ulcers and you
get points good for prizes..."

(I have yet to see the tv commercials or the website but i'm very afraid

So, there you have it, folks. I guess we've "won". Now all we have to do
to "strike back" is wait for the right commercial, log in, and "follow
directions". Cultural Resistance at it's finest!! Kudos to the folks at
Ford's advertising agency; those hip young dudes are probably listening to
Negativland in the office right now and reading a copy of the latest

someone bring me a bucket.....


Steev Hise, Information Engineer
steevATdatamassage.com http://www.datamassage.com
"Will society be any worse off, if this CGI script goes unwritten?"
                -Po Bronson, Wired

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