Re: [rumori] subvertisting now owned by advertising

Mr. Saturnine (
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 15:22:24 -0600

Steev wrote:

> Speaking of advertising, here's something i've been meaning to mention
> here for weeks. Has anyone else seen the ads for the Ford Focus? They are
> truly creepy and a sign that the idea of "culture jamming" has itself been
> coopted:
> Near-to-fullpage ad in paper. Huge, mostly blank with orange background.
> At the top, a human torso and arms leans in from one side, holding a TV
> screen in front of its head. Printed on the screen are the words:
> "All your life, you've
> been manipulated
> by advertising.
> Tonite, it's payback time."
> yow. ok, if that doesnt send tingles down your spine, scan down the page,
> some text at the bottom, along with a tiny tiny picture of the car (who
> cares what this is really advertising anyway, right?):

I think we call this the point at which "capitalism has reached a stage of
self-parody, unblushingly celebrating a house of cards as its highest
or whatever the quote on Detritus was... just start worrying when they get
hardcore about co-opting the culture jammers- you know when it's time to
emigrate to another planet when you see a GAP ad that uses a photo from a
Marianis Islands sweatshop with the caption "Everybody In Chains."

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