Re: [rumori] plunderphonia, and other words

Jason J. Tar (
Tue, 04 Apr 2000 16:27:21 -0400

At 11:51 AM 4/4/00 -0700, you wrote:
> My point is, i believe that if one is using someone else's word, one
>should go by their definition. If you have your own (partially or fully)
>contradictory ideas, make up your own word. Finally, if you want to talk
>about general phenomena, use a more general descriptor. In this case that
>means saying something like "sample-based composition" or "audio
>appropriation" instead of "plunderphonic music".

Ah, but even "Sample Based Composition" has been defined. Daniel Vahnke,
of Vampire Rodents and Ether Bunny, did a rather long-ish paper on the term
some many years I'm told. (He never sent me a copy.) Not that
Vampire Rodents ever get noticed on this list for what they did....


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