Re: [rumori] negativland tour
Thu, 6 Apr 2000 02:45:41 EDT

Speaking of which, City Pages (local alternative weekly) just printed my
interview with Don Joyce today (Hi Don). They edited the hell out of it, but
I think its a pretty good interview. Also - the intro only bears a passing
resemblance to what I sent them. Never fear, the important part, the
interview itself, was left mostly intact. Nearly every question and answer
appears fairly close to what was actually said. :)
heres the link:

I tried being the devil's advocate a little bit - Steev might remember a lot
of the questions from the transcript I sent him of a long email debate I had
with several coworkers recently. They were trying to challenge me to think
critically about how I freely use copyrighted material, and though I've made
up my mind about the subject, and felt reasonably sure what answers Don would
have, it seemed like it would make for a good interview.
be kind. its the first time I've ever interviewed anyone.

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