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i assume most of you have already seen this, heard about it, touched it,
but just in case you haven't......

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On the eve of Negativland's 20th anniversary as a group, they embark upon
their first national live tour in seven years.....

For up to date tour info, interviews, press, true or false rumors, etc.,
contact Negativland's
trusty tour manager, Paul McGoonis, care of his assistant, Will Linn at

Tour dates and radio spot links are at the end of this


Negativland is about to call it quits. One member is now in
federal prison for hacking into classified DieCorp think tank
documents. Another has become a Native American casino
consultant in the Southwest and wants nothing more to do with "low
paying alternative music." The band's drummer recently gave up
sticks and skins for a more lucrative life of insider day trading. The
Weatherman now installs customer satisfaction monitoring
equipment full-time for Global Cable, Inc. and has no further desire
to "create" anything. Crosley Bendix, the group's longtime senior
mentor and cultural advisor, has left the United States for good to
spend his twilight years at a mechanical drawing table interpreting
crop circle formations for MI5 in England. His final words on these
shores were, "music is basically dead. I'm not going to waste any
more time on it." It looks like the slow, agonizing demise of
Negativland has finally reached fruition after so many years of


Well, like everything else you have to read these days, it's difficult to
tell. There may be some grains of truth in the above "information,"
but where exactly are those grains located? (Answer available only
from Negativland's currently-out-of-business address.) The only
truth you can be sure of is that nothing characterizes our
over-informationalized society more than our collective inability to
personally verify anything. And the spinning just keeps spinning

As so called "culture jammers", the group known as Negativland has
for many years held a mirror up to the media world, broken it, and
shuffled the pieces back into very different shapes. So it is fitting
that, perhaps for the last time (believe it or not), Negativland now
returns to the highways of America with a live performance about
modern info-life and its many confusions.

Negativland's 20th Anniversary TRUE/FALSE tour (and first
nationwide tour in seven years) celebrates the group's first two
decades of musical observations and sticky lawsuits with a
millennial concert lasting over two and a half hours, including a great
deal of never-before-heard material, as well as a few reworked
"tunes" from their twenty years of recordings. Rounding out this
over-stimulating evening of entertainment is an elaborately collaged
brew of film, video and slides, an actual puppet show appropriate for
all ages, and the first national appearance of longtime Negativland
collaborator, Pastor Dick.

Expect to remain seated for maximum absorption during this long,
densely- packed performance, designed to help you to discern


        Fri. Apr 07 '00 --- Lincoln, Nebraska --- Royal Grove
        Sat. Apr 08 '00 --- Minneapolis --- First Avenue
        Mon. Apr 10 '00 --- Middleton, WI --- The Annex
        Tue. Apr 11 '00 --- Chicago --- House Of Blues
        Wed. Apr 12 '00 ----Evanston --- "O.T.E. Mobile", WNUR FM (tentative)
        Thu. Apr 13 '00 ----Pontiac --- Clutch Cargo
        Fri. Apr 14 '00 --- Toronto --- Opera House
        Sat. Apr 15 '00 --- Cleveland --- Agora
        Sun. Apr 16 '00 --- Pittsburgh --- Club Laga
        Tue. Apr 18 '00 --- Philadelphia --- TBA

This next part of the tour dates is not 100% solid yet, but will be
starting on the 3rd of May.

        Wed. May 03 '00 --- NYC --- Irving Plaza
        Thu. May 04 '00 --- Washington DC --- 9:30 Club
        Fri. May 05 '00 --- Poughkeepsie, NY --- Bard College
        Sat. May 06 '00 --- Boston --- Copley Theater
        Mon. May 08 '00 --- Chapel Hill, NC --- Carrboro Arts Center
        May '00 --- Columbia SC --- TBA
        Wed. May 10 '00 --- Atlanta --- Variety
        Fri. May 12 '00 --- Tampa --- Club More
        May '00 --- Pensacola --- Sluggos
        Sun. May 14 '00 --- New Orleans --- Howlin' Wolf
        Mon. May 15 '00 --- Houston --- TBA
        Tue. May 16 '00 --- Austin --- Stubb's BBQ
        May '00 --- Dallas --- TBA
        May '00 --- Tulsa --- TBA
        Sat. May 20 '00 --- Denver --- Bluebird
        May '00 --- New Mexico --- TBA
        May '00 --- Tucson --- TBA
        May '00 --- San Diego --- TBA
        Thu. May 25 '00 --- Los Angeles --- El Rey
        Sat. May 27 '00 --- San Francisco --- Palace of Fine Arts
        May '00 --- Palo Alto --- TBA

Also at http://www.negativland.com/tour/index.html :


  Hi-rez TRUE/FALSE Tour Photo - Color
  Hi-rez TRUE/FALSE Tour Photo - B&W


These radio ads are for both radio types and fans alike. They are
mp3s encoded at the highest quality (320 kbps), and a lower quality
for those who connect to the net with 2 tin cans and a taught string
(or a 28.8 modem). There are 10-15 seconds of a background
sound bed at the end so the venue and time can be announced with
out all that noise.

Hold down your option (Mac users) or your alt (PC users) button
down while clicking the link if the file isn't downloading.

Highest Quality
60 second ads - (2.3Mb)
1. Insult
2. Electric Mud
3. Stealing
4. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Highest Quality
30 second ads - (1.1Mb)
1. Day In Day Out
2. I'd Rather Be Dead

Slightly Lower Quality
60 second ads - (1.1Mb)
1. Insult
2. Electric Mud
3. Stealing
4. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Slightly Lower Quality
30 second ads - (0.5Mb)
1. Day In Day Out
2. I'd Rather Be Dead


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