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matt davignon (
Thu, 06 Apr 2000 13:59:28 PDT

Haha, that reminds me of the Moby Grape fiasco. Moby Grape was a regular
rock band in the 70's. When they started having problems with their manager
and refused to tour, he found 5 completely different musicians and toured
them across the U.S. as "Moby Grape". At that point, the manager owned all
of their publishing rights and the band name, so there wasn't much I could
do about this.

This story is heard third hand. Writer is not responsible for
inaccuracies--but I learned it in a "rock history" class.


>From: "Paul" <>

>may be of interest...
> > Hey, did anyone hear that tale about how Ritornell released a record by
> > someone called Dr. Atmo, who approached them claiming to have
> > in numerous small scale electronica projects in Germany, only to end up
> > having to pay Tetsu Inoue some kind of compensation? Turned out this
> > character had just done a CD-R of Inoue's 'Slow and Low' (from '95) and
> > presented it as his own work. Has anyone else tried to pull a similar
> > And could anyone else currently be getting away with it? How
> > would it be for someone to pull the wool over a record company's eyes
> > this now that CD burners are dirt cheap? (NB - I'm just curious, I have
> > intention of doing such a thing myself). You don't need to bring Milli
> > Vanilli into this...
> >
> > JOHN
>I'd also be interested to hear of further examples of this kind of thing.
>There was the (not)Pole record that FatCat almost released last year for
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