Re: [rumori] plunderphonia, and other words

Taylor McLaren (
Fri, 07 Apr 2000 22:54:46 -0400

MEEP! Der Steev wrote:
>Sometimes you need to define your terms before the discussion can reach a
>higher level. Hmm. Perhaps there's some way to define the "terms" of a
>collage as well (without simply citing your sources)?
A couple of years ago, Mondo 2000 started an issue off with a joke essay on
UIC (Universal Image Code) technology, which they suggested as a sort of
fractal tagging system that would weave copyright information into even
minute fragments of a complete image. While the implication in that case
was obviously that scanners and printers would thereafter be set up to
detect this information and futz about with peoples' bank accounts in order
to make sure that original artists were being compensated for the use of
their work, I thought that the joke would be much more interesting if used
in a Pop-Up Video sort of way, annotating source elements and providing
interested viewers/readers/listeners/whatever with the opportunity to
burrow down through layers and layers of extra "stuff" generated in a
fashion similar to old Hypercard presentations or laserdisc supplements and
commentary tracks.
  While I know that the bulk of the discussion on this list tends to be
audio-oriented, there's no reason why this same idea couldn't be applied in
a similar fashion to recorded music (synching LCD display messages up to
certain points in a track, using non-audio data in a manner similar to
closed captioning or SAP channels). I dunno... the amount of extra work
that would go into producing something like this would probably overwhelm
most of the "I just want to make music" types, but I think it sounds like fun.


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