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> While I know that the bulk of the discussion on this list tends to be
>audio-oriented, there's no reason why this same idea couldn't be applied in
>a similar fashion to recorded music (synching LCD display messages up to
>certain points in a track, using non-audio data in a manner similar to
>closed captioning or SAP channels). I dunno... the amount of extra work
>that would go into producing something like this would probably overwhelm
>most of the "I just want to make music" types, but I think it sounds like fun.

     I haven't really checked into how this works much at all, but I
believe now with all the streaming MP3 stuff that's going on now you can
send a song ID in mid-track or something that would display on a
compatible/recent player... so you should be able to do something like that
now. Is this correct? Anyone know much about this?

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