[rumori] Pressing questions..?

Jason J. Tar (tarjasonATpilot.msu.edu)
Sun, 09 Apr 2000 13:28:17 -0400

Wondered something today. All those online CD pressing companies make sure
there is a portion on their website about copyright issues. How do people
on these lists go about getting anything pressed? [There are some that
obviously wouldn't have a problem, but I could see people like V/Vm, People
Like Us, Negativland, etc getting flack from the pressing companies.] Are
the online warnings just to save their own skin, or are they something they
take seriously and enforce?

JJTar...who, despite having his tracks rejected by MP3.com, got a MP3.com
record bag in the mail yesterday...for the second time. Sure are nice bags
though... :)

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