Re: [rumori] that circle with the [upside-down?] C in it... Neggies tour... ECC mini-tour...

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Wed, 19 Apr 2000 18:21:11 -0400

At 01:03 PM 4/19/00 -0700, you wrote:

>my hypothetical alternate symbol, whatever it would be, would not be
>something official or legal, it's just a message, indicating that you look
>at things a little different. but it doesnt give away any rights. If
>negotiations break down, well, then you still own the copyright and you
>can unleash your lawyer.

     Sort of a half-possible, half-dumb idea: How about the Copyright
symbol upside down? i.e., the C would just be a mirror image. It would
similar but different, which is the idea you're trying to convey... "this
work has rights similar to copyright, but different". Just a little brainspew.

     Haven't heard anyone discuss the Negativland tour show, though that
may be more Snuggles stuff... I'll just make a brief plug here to mention
that it's quite good and worth the effort and money. I drove 2.5 hours and
then waited a day for them to limp into town with their faulty van and it
was still worth it.

     In other tour news, The Evolution Control Committee will be doing a
mini-tour out to Pittsburgh, Boston (and Lowell), and hopefully NYC! Email
me directly (don't [R]eply; it goes to the list) for tour dates and info...
starts in a couple weeks.

- Mark G.

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