Re: [rumori] Neggies tour... ECC mini-tour...

Mr. Fodder (
Wed, 19 Apr 2000 16:55:46 -0700

> Haven't heard anyone discuss the Negativland tour show, though that
> may be more Snuggles stuff... I'll just make a brief plug here to mention
> that it's quite good and worth the effort and money. I drove 2.5 hours and
> then waited a day for them to limp into town with their faulty van and it
> was still worth it.

when negativland played the mini-tour last year (with pretty much the same
show as now) I saw it in Seattle and it was by far one of the best shows I
have ever been to. I was surprised that it was non-stop for almost 3 hours
with a small break in the middle. the place was packed too. i would say go
if you have a chance. this may be the last time to see them live. i still
loved the puppet show. pastor dick was in glorified form. Nesbitt's Lime
Soda live. c'est si bon.

> In other tour news, The Evolution Control Committee will be doing a
> mini-tour out to Pittsburgh, Boston (and Lowell), and hopefully NYC! Email
> me directly (don't [R]eply; it goes to the list) for tour dates and

where's the west coast tour mark buddy! :-)
if you wanted to plan one in the future I'll betcha we could organize a sort
of Omnimedia 'style' event for it. ECC and The Bran Flakes and I'll betcha
Steve Hise, Wobbly and others would want to come out and play too (what do
you think old chaps)... it would be awfully fun to plan like a
Seattle/Portland/San Fran tour event. just an idea. anyhoo, there are so
many great artists doing stuff that if something was planned in advance it
would be awfully fun.

-- otis

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