Re: [rumori] Neggies tour... ECC mini-tour...

matt davignon (
Wed, 19 Apr 2000 19:26:01 PDT

I'd see it. I haven't heard of any Omnimedia shows since my new day job
offered me the time to see them.

>From: "Mr. Fodder" <>
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>Subject: Re: [rumori] Neggies tour... ECC mini-tour...
>Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 16:55:46 -0700
> > Haven't heard anyone discuss the Negativland tour show, though that
> > may be more Snuggles stuff... I'll just make a brief plug here to
> > that it's quite good and worth the effort and money. I drove 2.5 hours
> > then waited a day for them to limp into town with their faulty van and
> > was still worth it.
>when negativland played the mini-tour last year (with pretty much the same
>show as now) I saw it in Seattle and it was by far one of the best shows I
>have ever been to. I was surprised that it was non-stop for almost 3 hours
>with a small break in the middle. the place was packed too. i would say
>if you have a chance. this may be the last time to see them live. i still
>loved the puppet show. pastor dick was in glorified form. Nesbitt's Lime
>Soda live. c'est si bon.
> > In other tour news, The Evolution Control Committee will be doing a
> > mini-tour out to Pittsburgh, Boston (and Lowell), and hopefully NYC!
> > me directly (don't [R]eply; it goes to the list) for tour dates and
>where's the west coast tour mark buddy! :-)
>if you wanted to plan one in the future I'll betcha we could organize a
>of Omnimedia 'style' event for it. ECC and The Bran Flakes and I'll betcha
>Steve Hise, Wobbly and others would want to come out and play too (what do
>you think old chaps)... it would be awfully fun to plan like a
>Seattle/Portland/San Fran tour event. just an idea. anyhoo, there are so
>many great artists doing stuff that if something was planned in advance it
>would be awfully fun.
>-- otis
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