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30 Apr 2000 21:53:35 -0600

>Also, now would be a good time for me to learn of better mp3 sites than
>mp3.com. Would anybody care to educate me?
        I've noticed that most online music sites don't seem to do any kind of screening for
samples. MP3.com is actually the only site where I've had my music rejected. MP3.com is
the largest of the sites, but there's certainly tons of other places out there. Here's some


        Also - it's been often mentioned, but it's pretty easy to get around the "musicology"
staff at mp3.com. Simply deleting your track and reuploading is enough in most cases:


        And on other topic, I've got a question about the Detritus site. What's with the
archive? I love the links that are there (of course), but how can I get to all the other stuff on
the site? For example, I lost the link to the Mystery Tapes MP3 set and I don't see it on the
site anywhere. Also, I remember ECC's "Gunderphonics" being available somewhere on the
site too - but I can't find a link there either. Are there other goodies lurking on the server

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