Re: [rumori] more on metallica and napster

Steev Hise (
Thu, 4 May 2000 00:20:27 -0700 (PDT)

Wed, 3 May 2000 found Mr. Fodder writing:

>So much going on now with MP3.COM and Napster. It will be nice to see how
>this all unfolds with Chuck D now behind speaking in favor of Napster. +
>Limp Bis. doing the tour with other artists.

I think stuff like this story is very relevant (otherwise i wouldnt have
brought it up), because it's symptomatic of the current climate in
intellectual property law and policy; however i think we should continue
to keep in mind that wholesale bootlegging (which is really what napster
is) is very different from artistic reuse and "fair use" in general. in a
way i think it's really a shame that controversies such as these fuel the
fire for more and more draconian measures both legal and technological,
which then get applied later to things like sound collage.

it's sad, actually. [just one example: i can't find a portable
minidisc recorder with a digital output, because a few bad apples would
use such a feature to make illegal copies.]


Steev Hise, Nervert
"Like mice placed in a jar of oxygenated
 fluid, capital's shift to non-material
 symbolic systems of exchange locks it in
 a series of spasms as it learns to stop
  breathing air and begins to breathe bits."
                  -Patrick Lichty, "Grasping at Bits"

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