Re: [rumori] more on napster
Thu, 4 May 2000 06:32:16 EDT

> wholesale bootlegging (which is really what napster is)

I don't necessarily agree. It's a tool. How it's used depends on who's
using it and every tool has the potential for misuse. For me, Napster has
served as a 'consumer education tool'. For the most part, radio sucks. So
Napster is one way I gain access to a wider range of music. It doesn't and
hasn't prevented me from purchasing 'official product' by musicians I've
found I really enjoy. The Supersuckers, for example. The mp3's I've
downloaded didn't stop me from buying their new album (partly because it was
an actual vinyl album). If anything, Napster has helped turned me on to a
wider range of music and that can only benefit the industry and the consumer.
 Maybe that's why the music industry doesn't like it ... it's an education
tool ... all the customers will hear how much crap is put out!

Sure, Napster can be and is a bootlegging tool, but it has legit purposes and
a legit place, same as your portable minidisc player with a digital output.

What's the line ... 'every tool is a weapon, it just depends on how you hold
it' ...?

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