[rumori] he who laughs lars laughs longest

Daniel Beattie (danielbeattieATappleonline.net)
Wed, 17 May 2000 10:08:03 +0100

hi peeps

4 points that seem to be missing from this whole debate (which doesn't seem
to be public news in the uk, so far as i'm aware):

a) mp3 is a compression algorithm - it doesn't sound as good as a cd, though
it can get near, depending upon what rate it was compressed at. so what's
the difference between mp3 swapping and making a cassette for a friend?
(which is quietly tolerated by the music industry these days)

b)people like objects that somehow relate to their musical choices - who
wouldn't rather have the real cd with all it's packaging than a
crappy-looking homeburnt cdr? also cdrs are much less durable than a
mass-produced cd. cheap ones can even self destruct in a few months, the ink
turning to a wierd, silvery, oily, liquid.

c) i just bought a second-hand cd from a shop. the artist didn't get any
money from that transaction. this is because an exception was made in the
law to allow second-hand sales without copyright infringement. the law
operates as if the intellectual property component is purchased once and for
all at the time the cd is first bought, within traditional business
practices. it can only be a matter of time before similar exceptions are
made for new media businesses. everyone operates as if they already do

d) metalheads are stupid. i wonder if lars has ever made a tape for a
friend.....if he hasn't, he's a mean bugger with no friends, and if he has,
he's a consummate hypocrite.



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