[rumori] chuck D. vers. Lars

kevin leeeeee (kevinATastsoft.com)
Tue, 16 May 2000 19:27:16 -0700

so i watched/taped this mini-debate on charlie rose. it was ok.

nothing new, but it's interesting to see Lars try so hard to defend his
stance. i can't say he completely failed against Chuck D... but he didn't
make any kind of convincing remarks.

the thing he kept repeating like a mantra was that it wasn't about the
money, man. it's about "CONTROL".

yeah, i think we've heard this kind of talk before.

and in addition he tried to emphasize that this is all just an effort to
prevent a horrible future where everything is up for grabs and artists
totally lose "CONTROL" over their "ORIGINAL" artwork "MADE BY SCRATCH" by

meanwhile Chuck's retort was that you can't stop the technology and the
internet has given the power back to the people. and that artists need to
move along with the times. ie sell merchandise/stuff that is peripheral to
the music and is much harder to flawlessly duplicate. t shirt bootleggers
look out!

the whole debate was only about 15 minutes.


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