Re: [rumori] chuck D. vers. Lars

nakedrabbit (
Mon, 22 May 2000 23:29:27 -0700

>I really want to hear more of Lars' arguments... they are all
>just so astonishing.

I'm not sure if they really are so astonishing, are they? The Lars
position seems to be pretty easily motivated. Currently recording
artists get their money from royalties. MP3 seems to be a stragtegy that
eliminates or curtails the sales of a record, therefore it curtails the
royalties Lars and other musicians get from sales of their work.

This is why anyone is worried about MP3 or Napster or any of it. It
seems like a great idea for an artist until someone tells them their
income will be affected - which, as we know, it probably will not be.
But in the ridiculously weird world of high-priced entertainment,
everyone is ready to believe it could, and no one wants to make less

If musicians were paid the way most recording engineers were paid, they
wouldn't worry as much. If they were being paid the way record company
executives were paid, they would worry even more. I'll bet anything it's
the fault of those lousy MBA scum again.

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