[rumori] lars vs chuck d mp3 available

Erick Gallun (erickATear.psych.berkeley.edu)
Tue, 23 May 2000 00:32:39 -0700

I have made the full Charlie Rose interview into a 24 minute mp3 file. It
is playing in a continuous loop on live365.com and is available for
download from freedrive.com

Lars actually makes the point that money is not why they are doing this.
The amount of money Napster is costing them is chump change. Rather, they
wish to combat the idea that we have the right to anything that comes
through our computers. Since everything that can be digitized can be
transmitted via computer, he sees the potential for a complete revolution
in commerce and intellectual property, which scares the shit out of him.
Chuck D sees the same thing and is simply interested in figuring out how to
deal with the new world being created. Pretty damn interesting. A most
amusing bit is where Lars warns that this means that poetry and literature
will be free. Poetry?!

I have made a 32 kbps file which is streaming at this address:

It is available from freedrive by going to www.freedrive.com and logging in as
login: liars
password: ultrarich

or if you have (or wish to create) an account just use this:

Once logged into the site, click the folder marked 'Napster debate'.
Then click on the file name 'lars vs chuck d.mp3' and select 'download'
from the menubar above the files.

This file is 5 megs. I have made a better sounding version (160 kbps)
which is 27 megs. Once I get it to upload successfully it will be called
'lars vs chuck d hi.mp3'.



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