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Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 06:34:28 PDT

>From: Biotic Baking Brigade <bbbATasis.com>
>To: BBB Correspondents <bbbATasis.com>
>Subject: Eyman pied...Billionaires For Bush/Gore....BBB en espanol
>Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2000 22:58:24 -0700

>Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 23:30:57 -0800
>To: VAN -Video Activist Network <van-lATlists.tao.ca>
>From: whispered media <wmATvideoactivism.org>
>Subject: media stunt: THE BILLIONAIRES WANT YOU!!!!!
>Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 22:34:40 -0400
>Calling all jammers, hackers, ne'er do wells, travellers, detourners,
>street urchins, lumpen, comedians, poets, singers, dancers, autonomists,
>anarchists, reformists, and insurrectionists!!
>THIS SUMMER at the conventions of the two wings of the National Business
>Party (otherwise known as the Democratic and Republican parties) you
>will have the opportunity to participate in and help create one of the
>largest media stunts in recent memory! Imagine: thousands of people in
>bowler hats, matching posters, and big dollar-sign pins, perhaps wearing
>masks with a disturbing hybrid picture of Bush/Gore, chanting "We want
>it all! We want it all!"
>WHAT: "Billionaires for Bush (or Gore)"
>(<billionairesforbushorgore.com>) is a mass, participatory media stunt
>designed to focus national attention on the big-money, corporate
>takeover of electoral politics, and the ramifications of this takeover
>for the poor and middle classes of America.
>WHERE/WHEN: Coming to the Republican convention in Philadelphia this
>July, and to the Democratic convention in Los Angeles this August. At
>both of these conventions there will be a "Million Bilionaires March and
>Rally," as well as numerous other actions/skits and stunts. Check the
>website for details.
>HOW: The campaign includes postering, radio spots for independant and
>pirate radio, the above-mentioned Million Billionaires March and Rally,
>TV spots for satellite broadcast or public access cable, and whatever
>you and your friends can dream up. This is a DIY action! (ideas for
>some actions are posted below) You can even order your own DIY kit! To
>make it work we need as many people as possible to spread the word, put
>out the message, and start campaiging! There's a bunch of things you
>can do right away: (1) start an affinity chapter of billionaires in your
>town or neighborhood; (2)- download a poster (or posters) from the
>poster nation website (<posternation.org>), make a bunch of copies and
>participate in our mass saturation postering effort on July 4th; (3)- we
>can send you a copy of the radio spot and you can get it on your local
>sympathetic radio station; (4)- we can send you a copy of our TV ad and
>you can get it on your local public access station; (5) hold a mock
>press conference; (6) use your imagination and think of something.
>ACTION IDEAS: There are lots of possibilities for the convention weeks
>themselves. Create a leaflet with a $10,000 bill on one side and
>information on the other. Crash a fundraising dinner or a rally and
>hand out business cards. Do a "yurtle the turtle?" skit, where one
>billionaire dangles a $100 bill at the end of a fishinhg rod and
>everyone else piles all overeachother to get to it. Auction off
>politicians and national symbols such as the liberty bell. Make a
>single suit that two people fit in and have one wear a Bush mask and the
>other a Gore mask.
> And if you're going to get arrested at a convention, why not do it
>in full Billionaire regalia? How about teeing off golf balls at the
>convention building (using whiffle golf balls of course)? How about
>some pie throwing (something more upscale than merangue would be
>preferable)? How about a banner hang? The costume provides a clear,
>concise, and flexible framework for many actions relating to many
>issues. The common thread is the corporate takeover of our political
>system and the effects this takeover has had.
>WHY?: Money dominates politics, this is nothing new. But the recent
>massive infusion of big corporate money into electoral politics has
>created a climate in which the only interests being represented are
>those of the economic elite. The policy agenda of this class-
>characterized by deregulation, privatization and incarceration- adds up
>to nothing less than a kind of low-intensity-conflict being waged on
>the poor and the middle classes of this country. It's a kind of class
>war, and the losers are the vast majority of the people of America, who
>work more hours for less pay, have seen their parks and schools lose
>funding as corporations recieve ever-larger subsidies and tax-breaks,
>who can't get decent health-care for themselves or their kids, who have
>seen more and more privatized prisons built as money is drained out of
>social programs, and whose information is provided by fewer and fewer
>sources, all corporate managed and owned. The winners are the rich, who
>sit in their taxpayer-subsidized luxury boxes drinking martinis while
>enjoying the longest peacetime expansion of the economy in history. New
>millionaires are popping up like weeds. The gap between rich and poor
>has become a chasm. The final demise of the democratic party as an
>alternative to the interests of the wealthiest was signalled by
>Clinton's signing of the Welfare Reform Act of 1996, an act of savagery
>which has resulted in thousands of poor single mothers and their
>children being put out on the street. We deserve better, and will
>demand better. One way to get these issues on the national agenda is to
>highlight the pointless absurdity of the months-long game of political
>charades we are about to witness. We can think of no better way to do
>this than "BILLIONAIRES FOR BUSH (OR GORE)." So join up today, "because
>inequality isn't growing fast enough!"
>Whispered Media
>P.O. Box 40130
>San Francisco, CA 94140 USA
>(415) 789-8484
>Video Activist Network

>"And here I end, having put my Arm as far as my strength will
>go to advance Righteousness: I have Writ, I have Acted, I have Pied, I have
>Peace: and now I must wait to see the Spirit do its own work in the hearts
>of others, and whether Amerika shall be the first Land, or some others,
>wherin Truth shall sit down in triumph." --Agent Blackberry (1999), after
>the Digger Gerrard Winstanley (1650)
>The Biotic Baking Brigade.....coming soon to a bioregion near you.
>bbbATasis.com http://www.asis.com/~bbb/
>Friends of the BBB: c/o POB 40130, San Francisco, CA 94111, Amerika
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