[rumori] People Like Us Meet The Jet Black Hair People... In Brussels!

From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 13:36:47 PDT

Hi all,

Two announcements to make - firstly, the proposed Edinburgh gig this
weekend has unfortunately been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our
control. Sorry.

However, we will be playing in Brussels, Belgium next weekend - the 15th
July, at the brilliant Nova Cinema. There will also be a film shown on the
night - please check http://www.peoplelikeus.org/ nearer the date for what
this might be. Meanwhile, here's the info.


Vicki and Peter
 J B H P L U

Nova Cinema, 3 Rue D'Arenberg - 15 July 2000
People Like Us & The Jet Black Hair People
The U.K.'s Vicki Bennett (People Like Us) and the U.S.A.'s Peter Conheim
(The Jet Black Hair People) bring their heavily-plundered sound stylings to
Belgium for their first European duo concert. Their often-comedic music
uses a kitchen-sink approach to sampling, and an inconceivably large
catalog of source material to draw from. Both artists come from backgrounds
constantly stretching the boundaries of "fair use" as regards copyright
laws in their respective home countries: Bennett's solo work as People Like
Us and Conheim's membership in such plunder-heavy groups as Wet Gate (an
all-16mm-film-projector ensemble) and sampling pioneers Negativland (to
which he is a recent addition). In an elusive quest to find humor
between-the-lines, they concoct new music works often out of entirely
"recycled" pre-existing materials, with sources ranging from discarded
educational films to religious propaganda to radio broadcasts to yodelling
LPs and numerous points along the way. The performance will draw, in part,
from material from their debut CD release, PEOPLE LIKE US MEET THE JET
BLACK HAIR PEOPLE... IN CONCERT as well as premiering new works.
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