Re: [rumori] Terror in Tune Town (fwd)

From: Steev Hise (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 11:18:08 PDT

Wed, 26 Jul 2000 found Zechariah Harvey writing:

>> He represents one extreme. There are others on the other. I don't think
>> either one will be right. As usual, there will be some middle ground where
>> things end up. Some capitalists will still be making lots of money from
>> other people's creativity. Some freedom fighters will still be resisting.
>> The battle will continue... that's my opinion.....
>As of now, the middle ground has almost been reached. was working

well, actually we've been in a variety of middle grounds since the
first intellectual property laws were enacted, in the 18th century.
It's just that lately things have been moving further and further toward
the restrictive end of the continuum....

>> Which means, I think, that the real power, in the future, will lie with
>> those whose business is promotion and branding, who have the marketing
>> muscle.
>That's always been the case, hasn't it though? In some subverted way or

Well, one might argue that in the beginning of mass production of "media",
the people with the means of production were the ones with the power.
And the products were so few that there wasn't the need for a lot of
promotion. You wanted a Bible, you bought it from the one guy in town who
owned a printing press that was printing them up. later on, you're right,
promotion has been pretty important, but it will be even more so. The more
information overload there is in people's lives the more need there will
be for "filters". One way of filtering is by promoting the hell out of
one thing so that everything else fades into the background. The other
reason this becomes more important and powerful is because the means of
production, and more recently distribution, is now available to anyone.
So there's no way to easily differentiate cultural artifacts beyond
promotion and branding (or other kinds of filters, like actual
technological searching and sorting, "smart agents", etc.)


Steev Hise, Head Chump
"The power in this world is held by heterosexual white men, and always
will be. Therefore, the value of every single thing in the world is
the value heterosexual white men place on it."
                -Dorothy Schefer, What is Beauty?

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