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Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 23:36:06 PDT

At 09:03 PM 7/27/00 -0700, you wrote:

>Not quite ;) Primarily it means that soon there won't be any big
>corporate music publishers/marketers (who purchase the artists' music and
>rights -- for a song ?); distribution, creative-control and profit may
>actually return to the creatives.

     I really do hope this is true, but we often forget the reason that
labels exist in the first place: It's HARD WORK to actually go out and sell
your music, or to set up a tour, or to compile a list of radio stations to
send your music to. Seriously, I've been doing this for too long now, and
it gets real old real fast. I truly am optimistic about music-swapping
helping with this situation though, but the fact that distributing your own
music is just a royal pain in the ass can't be ignored. Still, this might
mean instead that smaller labels will have a better chance against the
majors than before. Here's hoping...
     While I have your bandwidth, a couple items on my mind: provides a neat little service that is mainly targetted at
letting eBay people transfer money quicker and easier, but it is
TAILOR-MADE for those of us who are trying to sell our own music via mail
order. It basically offers a free method for someone to pay you via credit
card for something. Check it out. Hell, while your checking it out, gimme
five bucks: they have a referral program. So if you're feeling generous
me: (thanks!) But
seriously, I'm not just trying to get your money here; I think this really
is a great way to solve the problem of coaxing someone to write a check and
send it to you so you can send a CD back to them.

     Selling your music on eBay may not be as unlikely of a thing as you
might think. After seeing my own stuff sell on there for more than it
should, I've decided to start listing my own things. eBay sucks, but paying
for that three-record set of Myren Fagan ranting about the Illuminati I
just bought makes it just a bit better. Best of all, you can use your
auction description to tell people that they should really just be browsing
your web site instead of eBay. See my auctions for tips, or just to
criticize my sly spamming

     I guess over the years I've become a lot more accepting of the idea of
selling my music. Sure, I want people to hear my music, but selling it to
them wasn't really the point... over the past year I've tried to remain
self-employed, with the idea that I'd try to focus on my music more, start
selling it more, and so on. Well, I haven't exactly done a good job at it
(uh, nope, not even close...) but it has helped me focus what I think about
selling my music. The result seems to be that I have no will to "sell out",
i.e. to change the style of music I do in order to make a buck, but the
idea of making money off my music is just fine. If I could get paid to make
more of the music I already make and like making, what's the prob? I'm not
trying to fund any drug habits with it or Carribean vacation homes. In
short: I want to make a living off my music; not a killing.

- Mark G.

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