Re: [rumori] more WSJ on copyright

From: Mr. Fodder (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 14:18:51 PDT

> Selling your music on eBay may not be as unlikely of a thing as you
> might think. After seeing my own stuff sell on there for more than it
> should, I've decided to start listing my own things. eBay sucks, but
> for that three-record set of Myren Fagan ranting about the Illuminati I
> just bought makes it just a bit better.

I have that 3 record set on the Illuminati. Found all 3 records at a Reno,
NV thrift store years ago. Jim Keith (who passed away last year and wrote
numerous conspiracy realted books) told me that Myron is actually Donald
Fagen's father (from Steely Dan). If you listen to some early Steely Dan
stuff you can hear certain lyrics that point to topics his father lectured
on (Illuminati, CFR, etc.).

I've thought about selling stuff on ebay. I usually just end up trading
with others through the mail for stuff. But I have picked up some cool
cheap vinyl on ebay. I like looking up keywords like *lot* or *collection*.

> The result seems to be that I have no will to "sell out",
> i.e. to change the style of music I do in order to make a buck, but the
> idea of making money off my music is just fine. If I could get paid to
> more of the music I already make and like making, what's the prob? I'm not
> trying to fund any drug habits with it or Carribean vacation homes. In
> short: I want to make a living off my music; not a killing.

I couldn't agree more on the fact that changing your style to sell product
should be considered "Selling Out", but if you sell product and don't change
your style to make a buck, than right on. I can only dream of what it would
be like to not have to work my day job and have my bills paid from bran
flakes work. Maybe someday. But I've never created with money in mind. i
just love doing it. our new cd is coming out too in august on Lomo Records
( ... yes yes.. shameless plug. but it's our first
release that is on a CD and not CD-R. We are pretty excited about the way
it sounds... took almost 3 years to make.

- Otis

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