Re: [rumori] droplift

From: Jon Leidecker (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 15:41:19 PDT

>I received a copy in the mail (thanx Tim!) a few days ago and have been
>meaning to mention it on the list. There's quite a few nice tracks on it.
>But more interesting than that, I'm hoping to spark a discussion here
>about this project.


>First, I'm not sure how much issues of copyright infringement have to do
>with giving away copies of a CD to record stores so they can sell it and
>take all the money. Is this supposed to be ironic? If so, who, really, is
>the butt of the joke?

Doesn't matter if it's supposed to be, I think it's pretty ironic by
definition. A collection of works that are by copyright law unreleasable
means that you have to give the disc away in order to get it into stores.

I dunno, sometimes that's just the hallmark of terrible music but it does
mean something that this many people put this much work into it.

>Second, who is the intended recipient of the message that the project is
>presumably sending?

This project doesn't necessarily target only the 'kind of people who only
buy' etc. etc. etc. this is largely an interesting publicity stunt that
overtly identifies the illegal status of the recycled tracks and the fact
that this is the only way to get it into stores. repeat etc.

I think it's swell. Could generate some nice press around this. And I
think the material contained within makes a good argument for the whole
recycling argument argued on this list alla time. I wish I'd submitted my
busta rhymes piece for it, there's no other label willing to touch it.

The whole deception project you propose, mr steev, takes it to a whole
different level of hoax. i.e. actually pissing innocent consumer 'sheep'
in the name of our noble, victimized fringe art cause. 'Droplift' may not
strike mortal blows to the machine or anything, but it's a pretty
consistent project.

And if it gets enough press, people will want to hear it. And the irony
that the only way for most people to find it will be to be lucky enough to
hit a Tower where an actual recipient has dropped it! That's pretty neat.

anyhoo -- visited napster for the first time ever today! yay ninth
circuit. this is getting good.


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