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From: Steev Hise (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 17:48:51 PDT

Sun, 30 Jul 2000 found Jon Leidecker writing:

>Doesn't matter if it's supposed to be, I think it's pretty ironic by
>definition. A collection of works that are by copyright law unreleasable
>means that you have to give the disc away in order to get it into stores.

not true. the stores themselves don't give a shit what's copyrighted. to
wit: you see bootlegs in stores all the time. stores will sell whatever
will sell, and take the highest margin they can get.

 Droplift doesn't address the fact that you're basically putting free
money in the pocket of record stores. out of 1000 copies pressed , even
if only, say, 500 get put in stores, that's thousands of dollars free and
clear to all those record stores.

I just don't know, I think i'd rather they be given away at events or
something, or even just sent via mail to random addresses, or almost
anything else. leave a pile at your church or something. i dunno.

>This project doesn't necessarily target only the 'kind of people who only
>buy' etc. etc. etc. this is largely an interesting publicity stunt that
>overtly identifies the illegal status of the recycled tracks and the fact
>that this is the only way to get it into stores. repeat etc.

 i dont think the publicity stunt is closely related enough to the
"illegalness" of the tracks. you could do this stunt with any
(underground) CD and it would be interesting (and possibly effective)
publicity. plus, *i* repeat, it's not the only way to get it into stores.

>The whole deception project you propose, mr steev, takes it to a whole
>different level of hoax. i.e. actually pissing innocent consumer 'sheep'
>in the name of our noble, victimized fringe art cause. 'Droplift' may not
>strike mortal blows to the machine or anything, but it's a pretty
>consistent project.

that's exactly my problem, i don't think it's consistent. it's confused,
i think.


Steev Hise, Would-be World-Wide Web Wizard (WWWWW)
"We *must* beat corporate life-sucking mentality!"
                -Jon VanOast

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