RE: [rumori] THE DROPLIFT PROJECT - new copyright infringement compilation
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 13:26:19 PDT

> but i believe Negativland made an issue of this just because they like to
> make a fuss (and i'm glad they do)...


> but really.... there are 1000s of
> pressing plants. to date i have tried 3 different replication sources and
> none have given me problems. i don't know if it was ever really an issue.
> the riaa can only do so much.

        Yes, certainly some CD plants don't seem to care (or they don't listen to the material)
In fact the Droplift disc itself was actually pressed at a CD replication plant without a
problem. The project came up at a time when it did appear that RIAA was going to be
putting a lot of pressure on CD plants to monitor for samples, and yes - this is less of an issue

> the droplift project seems to operate on the assumption that the artists
> involved have attempted to press CDs and give them away to stores...
> otherwise it is similar to prematurely pulling out of an election and
> staging riots when the other candidate enters office (of course if 3rd
> terms violate the constiution and the elections are rigged it may still be
> justified).

        Indeed, this is a valid criticism. A big part of the problem here can be blamed on the
somewhat unclear message tothe press. The press release that has been spreading around
recently was written almost a year ago, when the project was first thought up. I think the
project might have done much better with a rewritten and updated press release which
doesn't focus on the CD plant issue (which now apparently is a non-issue) and brings more
attention to the general controversy over sampling, copyright law, and the media recycling
culture (which is what the project is really about, not cd pressing plants).

> either way, still a fun stunt.

        Absolutely. That's how it began, and that's how it will be remembered.

        Any thoughts on the content of the disc?

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