RE: [rumori] content - THE DROPLIFT PROJECT - new copyright infringement compilation

From: illegal art (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 20:04:26 PDT

> Any thoughts on the content of the disc?

it's very interesting. a bit difficult to digest in one sitting, but i
like listening to a few random tracks here and there. definitely some
gems, but maybe a bit more quality control could have been exercised. i
guess, though, that when you're dealing with a mailing list community,
having one of you curate a project could destroy the community. so i
logistically see why anything sent by anyone was included (at least i'm
assuming that was the process... ). at the same time it is remarkable that
most of 29 artists are operating with the same aesthetic boundaries and
that as a whole it fits together so nicely.

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