re: [rumori] <nettime> PROTECT YOUR GENETIC RIGHTS! (fwd)

From: Taylor McLaren (
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 11:22:15 PDT

Actually, I'm curious to know what peoples' reactions are to this idea,
particularly on a list like Rumori. Does the possibility of genetic
sampling (already possible in a crude form through hybridization and
selective breeding) strike anybody as being artistically useful? I already
have visions of this sort of technology giving way to literal versions of
one-sheet descriptions of a musician as being "a cross between Frank
Sinatra and Frank Zappa", or whatever other horrors marketing departments
around the world feel like unleashing on the world, but even that leads in
interesting directions. (Imagine what recording contracts might look like
when "work made for hire" clauses could possibly cover work created by
clones of a popular musician bred specifically for recording while the
original is on tour...)
  Damn, this cough medicine is powerful stuff...


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