[rumori] upcoming gigs, SF and Michigan

From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 11:19:10 PDT

just a note about a couple shows I have in the near future.

-tommorrow I'll be appearing with Bonnie Kane at the Luggage
Store in San Francisco. Details below.

-friday september 8, Bob Boster and I will be playing at
Canterbury House in Ann Arbor, Michigan:
The Canterbury House
is Located at:
721 East Huron Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

I'll be in southeast Michigan the entire 8 days before that,
other gigs TBD. If anyone on this list has some suggestions
or can book us somewhere else in the area, please let me

Downtown NYC avant saxophonist/bandleader Bonnie Kane
returns to San Francisco
for a week (with special guests) of psychedelia, noise, and extreme avant-jazz
"...Bonnie Kane is full on her punk look and ethos...she is the creative focal
point..." -Flipside

Thursday, August 24th AT 9pm
Bonnie Kane (sax), Diaz-Infante (gtr), Steev Hise (elec) and special guests
Luggage Store Gallery (Creative Music Thursdays)
1007 Market Street (2nd Floor) at 6th St.,
one block from Powell Street BART
San Francisco
$6-10 || all ages

"BONNIE KANE packs a wallop again with her trio, W.O.O. REVELATOR, on her
group's latest CD, NOTES ON WHAT'S WHAT (WOO Music 005). Recorded live at
ABC No Rio, in New York City, it is hard to believe there are only three
musicians making such a racket. (Kane, sax, fl, elec; Ray Sage, drms, perc;
Chris Forsyth. el gtr. 50:30.) Power and distortion predominate, although there
is fine improvising throughout. Difficult to listen to at a single sitting,
Kane hits hard and rarely lets up. Although her own playing never is given the
opportunity to be fully tested, she rides through lots of attractive clutter to
produce an almost mesmerizing feast. Her vibrato makes her sound like Ayler on
LSD. Kane's flute is a slight respite, but when she returns to sax, she and
Forsyth lock horns and rarely let go. Uncompromising free thrash, this group's
got balls and more." --CADENCE (July issue)

more info check-out:
http://www.paxrecordings.com (ernesto)
http://detritus.net/meridies (bob boster)

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