[rumori] Re: [plunderphonia] Staalplaat - a response

From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 09:42:40 PDT


>Is that really the way Staalplaat does business? I have a friend who is
>supposed to release some material with them, though not with Open My Little
>Circuit. Is the whole of Staalplaat this corrupt? To be honest, I know
>nothing of their inner workings. The most I know of them is through a
>number of great releases of theirs that I have bought (a practice I ought to
>discontinue, based on what you've said.) I can't imagine that the
>deviousness is limited to this Open My Little Circuit label.

I've never openly slagged off labels, except to people directly involved.
My dealings with Staalplaat stopped a year ago after 2 years of disputes,
abuse and threats from Geert-Jan, who runs Staalplaat. This is the first
time I've said anything to anyone apart from the artists who featured on
the double version of the People Like Us remix CD which Staalplaat released
then immediately deleted. Listen - do not trust Staalplaat with anything
that you care about the future of. This is as far as I'm prepared to go
into extensive details of my history with this label on a discussion list,
only to reiterate that what Mark Hosler says below is correct. I'm only
speaking now because it makes me sick when new fresh faces are plastered
over the ones that have been walked all over.


>>From: Vicki Bennett <peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk>
>>Reply-To: plunderphoniaATegroups.com
>>To: plunderphoniaATegroups.com
>>Subject: Re: [plunderphonia] response
>>Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 10:06:51 +0200
>> >>From the Staalplaat universe-type thang...
>> >
>> >
>> >"Open Circuit.
>> >
>> >Do you want to release your own music on cd? The way
>> >that you want
>> >it,
>> >with your own artwork?
>>Don't be fooled. Do you ever wonder why all those big names aren't on
>>Staalplaat anymore? Would you like a list? Mark Hosler's response is such
>>a good analogy (based on personal experience) that I'll paste it below.
>>Mark is NOT over-reacting here.
>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>>To: geert-jan <geert-janATstaalplaat.com>, 23five-announceAT23five.org
>>From: Mark/Negativland
>>Subject: Open My Little Circuit.
>>Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 14:14:06 -0700
>>Sounds really cool!
>>Good luck Geerty!!
>>Open My Little Circuit.
>>Do you want to release your own music on CD? Then you should probably do it
>>yourself and never work with ego-maniac un-ethical idiots like that guy who
>>runs Staalplaat. Because you'll get things the way that he want its, with
>>changes made to your own artwork without him even telling you. Sounds
>>great? Geereat!
>>No conditions artistically, but he can change his mind whenver he wants to
>>because its HIS Open My Little Circuit , dammit. No musical selection
>>criteria from anybody but yourself? No ethics or honesty in how to run a
>>business? Just as long as Geert-Jan gets all your money and you dont mind
>>being lied to , then we have an interesting new little circuit label for
>>The new Open My Little Circuit label from Staalplaat where everybody can be
>>taken advantage of and relase his own music through this cd-r service. And
>>no girls allowed! So there! And this is how it works -
>>The artist creates the CD with his own music and sends money to Open My
>>Little Circuit and Open My Little Circuit misleads you about the deal you
>>and thinks that he hasn't lied to you but that you are actually lying to
>>him and that he is right and that you dont deserve to get any of the things
>>you agreed upon and he rips you off and feel justified in doing it and
>>then makes and changes the production and distribution for it.
>>All we need from you is: your trust and faith to be willing to be ripped
>>off by petty avant agarde cultural tyrants.
>>How you want to package the CD is up to you unless Geert-Jan changes his
>>mind; you will have to pay for everything and produce the cd-packaging in
>>whatever way you want to pay for it and send it to us and pay us for it. On
>>the artwork we want you to mention the following information so that the
>>whole world will know about Open My Little Circuit and how wonderful we
>>1. Distributed by Open My Little Circuit
>>2. Open My Little Circuit l number (OMLCxx)
>>3. The Open My Little Circuit l address;
>> Open My Little Circuit
>> P.O. Box 11453
>> 1001 GL Amsterdam
>> The Nethernetherlands
>>We will make copies of the cd, pack them in the cover that you supplied us
>>with, and sell them. And then make more copies we don't tell you about and
>>sell those as well. But you will trust us becasue we are part of the avant
>>garde expertimental music world and would never do anything like lie or
>>steal from artists. No sir!
>>Accountings will be when we feel like it , which we most likely won't, you
>>are free to stop your agreement at any time but we will keep making them
>>and selling them under the table anyway becasue you made us mad, dammit,
>>and we deserve the money becuase we work so very very hard at Open My
>>Little Circuit and we will never make final accountings and we will lose
>>the master-cd and the remaining artworks.
>>Possible extra service; like sending out press copies, can be negotiated
>>for many hundreds of extra dollars and we won't really ever get around to
>>doing it anyway because we decided we don't like you.
>>then contact

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