[rumori] Nader to MasterCard: I Win!

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Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 12:37:20 PDT

                 Published on Wednesday, September 13, 2000 in Salon
                 Nader to MasterCard: I Win!
                 A judge denies the company's request to squash the
                 candidate's "priceless" parody ad.
                 by Damien Cave

                 A federal judge ruled Tuesday that presidential candidate
Ralph Nader has the right to keep
                 running a biting political ad that parodies what MasterCard
calls its "famous and renowned
                 'priceless' advertising campaign."

                 "We're pleased with the court's ruling, and we believe it's
the correct decision," said Theresa
                 Amato, Nader's campaign manager. "It's clearly a parody,
clearly free speech."

                 The ruling, handed down by U.S. District Judge George B.
Daniels in New York, denied the
                 credit card company's request for a temporary restraining
order, essentially throwing out the
                 $15 million lawsuit that MasterCard filed last month. The
denial allows Nader to keep
                 publishing the ads on his Web site. And that's just what
he'll do, Amato says.

                 It also signifies a very public defeat for MasterCard. The
credit card giant had claimed that
                 Nader's ad stole from their own campaign -- which tempts us
with such intangibles as "a
                 day where all you have to do is breathe," followed by the
word, "priceless." The campaign
                 drives home our addiction to consumerism with the tag line,
"There are some things money
                 can't buy ... for everything else there's MasterCard."
(MasterCard could not be reached for

                 Nader's ad puts a silly spin, reminiscent of the old
"Saturday Night Live," on the concept.
                 After MasterCard filed its suit, the Green Party candidate
told the Associated Press:
                 "[MasterCard] should lighten up. They're taking their name,
'Master' too seriously. This is

                 The courts have now agreed.

                 Damien Cave is a staff writer for Salon Technology.

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