[rumori] Napster Nuggets

From: The Evolution Control Committee (eccATpobox.com)
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 23:17:58 PDT

     I've always been a proponent of Napster as an aid for the sound
collage artist, though I mainly expected it's value to be in getting quick
'n' easy MP3s of that Starland Vocal Band song you wanted to sample but not
buy. Well, it turns out that Napster is even more valuable than that... you
can also find home recordings.

     I stumbled across this somehow, and now it's all I'm looking for.
Start by firing up Napster and searching for any song title with MIC IN
TRACK in the title. Ignore any hits for the Beastie Boys or anything else
with an identifiable band name in it. You'll end up with hits like:

album/mic in track 01.mp3
Fred & Lisa Salazar's Greatest hits\mic in track 2_0229222749.mp3
new\mic in track 03.mp3
Default's Greatest Hits\mic in track 01.mp3
Valued Acer User's Greatest Hits\mic in track 05.mp3

     Check 'em out. They appear to be mic recordings people have made of
various songs, message, goof-offs, themselves being dorky or whatever. I've
only just started downloading these, but so far I've found some fun things
that should prove fun to use. An archive of the best of these would be
invaluable. It should be called Default's Greatest Hits.

     Does anyone have any clue where these come from? There are (luckily) a
lot of mistakes and test tracks that people should have deleted.

- Mark

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