Re: [rumori] Napster Nuggets

From: Tyler Sean (
Date: Fri Sep 29 2000 - 17:11:44 PDT

> Start by firing up Napster and searching for any song title with MIC IN
> TRACK in the title. Ignore any hits for the Beastie Boys or anything else
> with an identifiable band name in it. You'll end up with hits like:
> -snip-
> Does anyone have any clue where these come from? There are (luckily)
> lot of mistakes and test tracks that people should have deleted.

You already pointed out where they come from... the MIC IN plug on their
I do alot of shoutcasting from my box (not really public, or very regular,
or else I would share the URL) and frequently I save some of the streams. I
had to configure Winamp to take my Line In input and stream it to shoutcast
(mp3, really) and I can save the files to disk as I do so. These files are
SIMILARLY named, but not exactly matching the ones you describe. I think
alot of the MIC IN TRACKs that you specify might be *really* amateur... try
ones that begin with "linerec" (which would be properly configured for
stereo and maybe better produced amateur "radio" ... maybe).
   My guess is that most of those files you find are from users who can
barely configure their software, but trying it out nonetheless. They
themselves could probably not manage to find the tracks, even though you
can. I think it would be great to use some of that stuff then get it back
out there... by (inadvertantly) allowing users access to those files
through Napster, don't they somehow "implicitly" allow you to do as you wish
with them? (I really don't know, but whenever I release my own stuff (might
be able to find out there as "Thai & I") I consider it a forgone conclusion
that if someone wanted to do whatever they wanted to do with it, there is
little I can do to stop them, and the files might as well be in the public
   Thanks for the note about the MIC IN tracks on Napster, though. They
should be more interesting than just about anything else out there, even if
they are chopped off at the end (as most the other mp3s seem to be). peace.
.. Tyler.

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