Re: [rumori] Napster Nuggets

From: The Evolution Control Committee (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 03:04:10 PDT

     An update...

At 08:11 PM 9/29/00 -0400, Tyler Sean wrote:

>You already pointed out where they come from... the MIC IN plug on their

     I found out what the deal is: Music Match software allows people to
record directly to MP3, and when they do that "Mic In track..." is the
default filename. And of course, when you run Napster it automagically
shares out all or most of the MP3s on your hard drive. Thus... you have
these... "Napster Nuggets". heh.

     I've become addicted to these things. I can hardly help myself
searching for them whenever I'm in front of my computer. Here I've spent so
much time searching the thrift stores for home-recorded cassettes of
things, only to find... I can download it all without leaving my home! Heheh.

     Jay of Press The Button gets credit for planting the first Napster
Nugget BOMB.

     For those not on The ECC's emailing list (and why aren't you?) I'll be
representin' da ECC posse in Italy later this month, and I might well
dedicate some of my speech time to these things. If I write up a literal
speech on it I'll post it here too. Also, the content of this conference
will be netcasted; I'll post the link when I know it. Rumorites will be
interested to know that John Oswald will also be performing, and some panel
chat will sport Oswald, myself, and members of EBN and etoy.


- Mark

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